Friday, December 21, 2007

A Nativity with Which Everyone Can Be Comfortable

(I am back after a couple of successive hard drive crashes and a lot of overtime.)

A friend of ours has a Nativity set which shouldn't offend anyone. It started out as a fairly common Nativity set, Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, a shepherd boy and a lamb. However, somewhere along the line, baby Jesus was lost (possibly aided by a mischievous niece). So now she has Mary, Joseph, a shepherd boy and a lamb. Who could possibly be offended by that? Take Jesus away and all the controversy disappears.

That's how Christianity is ... or at least should be. I realize that there are some Christians who are controversial, not because of their connection to Jesus, but just because they are obnoxious all by themselves. They should not be. Our point of contention with the rest of the World should be our unshakable faith in Jesus, and our personal relationship with Him.

Merry Christmas.


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